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S  P  I  R  I  T  U  A  L     B  U  S  I  N  E  S  S      C  O  A  C  H


I’m Sandra Jayne Edwards,

You are an Entrepreneur, a Pioneer, a Visionary, a Leader

You need an expert who can help you elevate and be the new you that is required to have the new results you crave. 

You like living an exquisite, expansive, exciting and extraordinary life! But you want more and that means breaking free of the current ways to trailblaze new ways. 


I work in a unique collaborative way, commending your current successes and giftedness, yet honoring the untapped potential within, that is waiting to manifest.





Sandra is passionate about coaching entrepreneurs, kingdompreneurs and solopreneurs to excel at becoming exceptionally excellent in their niche and superpower.


She knows that we are more than we dare to think we are because we are essentially designed by God, with gifts and a purpose to impact others and change the world.


She works with leaders within the business and religious sectors.  She has the unique combination of many years as a senior consultant within the corporate world, coupled with over 25 years within church leadership and ministry. This provides her with the unique blend of professional and spiritual high level expertise. She is fully grounded in divinely given wisdom, knowledge and discernment as well as operating in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Sandra is skilled and experienced in coaching, mentoring and training her elite clients to break through their current limits and achieve exceptional results.


Her international portfolio of clients include:
corporations, entrepreneurs, bishops, pastors, leadership teams, management teams, life coaches, consultants, high-performing achievers, celebrities, VIP's and agencies.

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You are READY to hear the hard truths from a trusted confidant, that will get you unstuck and moving in the direction of your highest goals. 

You respect time and you understand your season to elevate is here. You're ready to activate and radiate your true God given gifts, magnificence and purpose. 

  • No more doubting.

  • No more delaying.

  • No more denying.

You are called to make a massive difference in the lives of others, with your God-given abilities. 


You're here to share your Holy Spirit led gifts and brilliance. Through Jesus Christ, 

  • You are powerful!

  • You make a difference!

  • You are an amazing ‘agent of change’!

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