About  Me

Hi, I’m Sandra Jayne,

I'm a Holy Spirit filled, water baptised woman of faith.
I am a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Masterclass Host, VIP Signature program creator, Author of 7 books, Mother of 2 wonderful children and an unshakable faith-fuelled optimist who is dedicated to helping you become the person God called you to be.

I am here to serve you and help you fulfil your Divine Purpose.


Official Bio

Sandra Jayne loves to help and support believers uncover and operate in their Divine Purpose to advance God’s Kingdom.  She works with Christian leaders, believers and high-performing achievers, world-wide, assisting them to maximise their specific Divine Purpose, unique gifts, capabilities and dormant potential.  She is skilled and experienced in coaching, mentoring and educating leaders and believers to go to the next level in God and experience new realms of unlimited success – all to the Glory of God!



“She passionately shares her Biblical knowledge, success strategies, tools and commitment as she facilitates change and growth for Believers, Ministries and Organisations. 
Sandra Jayne is a powerhouse of knowledge and enthusiasm who walks her talk, impacting believers to achieve scripture-based success in fast and effective ways.  She is a brilliant, dynamic Kingdom Influencer who cares deeply and genuinely for people and ensures her clients produce outstanding breakthrough results!”

A few things you might find interesting about me.



I am a survivor of childhood trauma and I’ve gone through 2 divorces.  A new relationship with God emerged from the embers of my dysfunctional, broken down old life.  I needed God’s love, healing and help more than anything and He gave it to me. 
Through the years, by the Grace of God, His Word, fasting, spiritual and emotional growth and lots of prayer and support, I not only survived, but slowly learned to abundantly thrive, despite the past pain, criticism, brokenness, failure, shame, stigma and labels that society and religious circles often assigned to the less than perfect.  You too can learn to ABUNDANTLY THRIVE & FLOURISH in Christ, no matter what happened in your past – Hallelujah.

can personally testify that God can heal you completely, in every way.  We know God delivers us from sin and sickness but I want to emphasise that God is a healer EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY & PHSYCHOLOGICIALLY too!  There are no limits to God’s miracle working power!



I'm an enthusiastic over-achiever

I love a job well done! 
I enjoy putting in the effort to get outstanding and excellent results!

In the past however, I often found myself people pleasing, over promising, over delivering, micro-managing and over scrutinizing everything because I wanted everything to be perfect. I pushed myself constantly to reach the incredibly high expectations I had of myself – both personally, spiritually and professionally.  The impact of this approach on my behind-the-scenes life was that I used to be in a crazy cycle of multiple plate spinning, eating junk food-because I never had time to cook and continually gorging on sweet treats for my out of control sugar craving  This inevitable led  me to be overweight, overwhelmed, and burnt out!
I had to have an entire life overhaul!


Thankfully God’s Word has plenty of wisdom on how to live a balanced, content life.  Now in my redesigned lifestyle, I focus my energy and enthusiasm into delivering exceptional coaching experiences for my clients and I share the self-care practices that help avoid the crazy cycle that leads to being scattered, stressed and burnt-out.



I'm committed to lifelong learning & using what I know to help others

I read the Bible pretty much every day.  I love to help others with Bible-based principles whether it is through coaching, mentoring, teaching, encouraging or just a friendly chat, nothing makes me happier or more fulfilled than helping people.


I am passionate about empowering women

Throughout my life in one way or another, I have always enjoyed supporting other women and help them overcome obstacles, step into their greatness, and live their best life.  I continue to be a passionate supporter of women, helping them find their Divine Purpose and lead extraordinary lives in Christ Jesus.