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What Would Your Life Look Like If You Had …

Consistency through foundational Bible based trainings that you could fall back on when life gets tough?

Coaching with a Christian mentor you could connect with and learn from to help keep you focused?  

Community support from like-minded believers who understand your journey and can support and champion you on. 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." 

Nelson Mandela 
There is so much MORE untapped potential inside of you than you currently recognise


The problem is, we often don’t know how to unlock our untapped potential from God or how to navigate ourselves from where we are, to where we are ‘called’ to be.  Compounded by the fact that, many don’t know what “where they are called to be” looks like.   Understandably, this leads to confusion, inability to take effective action, stagnation, unfulfillment and frustration.


You need the right support to bridge this knowledge gap. 


A learning platform with all the Bible-based trainings and tools needed to accelerate spiritual growth and personal development.  Consistent, scripturally sound learning is so important for continual and ongoing growth and development. It’s what helps us take the wisdom we learn and turn it into wisdom we LIVE OUT in our lives every single day. 


A Christian mentor who’s been there and done, who helps you stay focused and works alongside you to help you find and fulfil your Divine Purpose. It’s really good to get started on a spiritual path or assignment but way too easy to get side-tracked by the next important thing vying for our time and attention.  An experienced Christian mentor and coach sees your potential and helps you navigate obstacles so you can stay motivated and in momentum until Kingdom success is achieved. 


A faith-based community of people just like you who are just as committed to spiritual growth and personal development as you are. There’s nothing that challenges, encourages, and supports us like others within a supportive faith-based community of friends who become like family.  Connect with like minded believers who share similar values, beliefs, aspirations and goals. 

All of this and MORE is inside my private Purpose Mastermind Coaching Group. 

A warm welcome awaits you - join us today!

The Purpose Mastermind  provides the tools and strategies  that are KEY to deep personal transformation by addressing 

There are 5 Important Life Areas to focus on, so you can fulfil your Divine Purpose and have a flourishing and fulfilling life.:


1. Spiritual Development 
(our relationship with God is the most important we have)


2. Relationships 
(A scriptural view of how to successfully relate well with yourself, Family, Friends & Spouse, work

colleagues etc)


3. Health - Physical & Mental
(Improve the quality of your life by regaining control of your health, minimise stress, establish a real work-life balance, learn ‘healthy’ boundaries and how to avoid toxic, negative people)  


4. Work / Finance 
(Finding the work that reflects your strengths and God given abilities – 
Plus understanding how to handle finances to prosper and increase your wealth)


5. Emotional & Personal Development 
(Avoid emotional freefalls into anger, despair, anxiety, depression.  Become more optimistic, and gain greater motivation to step out in faith)


All the ‘Success Teaching Sessions’ inside the Purpose Mastermind, are based around how these 5 Important Life Areas can be mastered by believers. The numerous wisdom nuggets you find will accelerate your spiritual growth and personal development like no other Mastermind can.  

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Hello Everyone!  

I’m honoured and very grateful that you’re here to learn more about the ‘Purpose Mastermind’.  

I’ve put my heart and soul into creating the Purpose Mastermind so it can be an effective support system for believers as well as provide encouragement, and value-filled connections through the online community.  I know you will enjoy this connected, inspiring, exceptional faith-based community.  
You’re reading this right now because you WANT to discover your purpose, live with passion, and achieve your potential and you’re ready to take action to do what it takes to get there. You’re in the right place! Every day is a new chance to wake up and begin, and Purpose Mastermind is ready and waiting to support you! 

Here’s What’s Included In 
Purpose Mastermind Coaching Group 

Join me every week for live coaching sessions inside the private online community. Can’t make it live? No problem! Sessions are always recorded and then loaded into the member’s area for 24/7 access, with a downloadable worksheet. I don’t offer coaching anywhere else. If you want to get life coaching from me, Purpose Mastermind is the only place you can get it. 


Humans are designed for community and connection!  To fulfil your Divine Purpose and achieve your goals, patience, persistence, perseverance and optimism is mandatory.  However, everyone has days, weeks and sometimes seasons where we cannot handle the journey, responsibilities and staying motivated all on our own.  I started the Purpose Mastermind to help reduce the amount of overwhelm, isolation and the emotional see-saw approach to fulfilling our Purpose and goals.  


Jim Rohn famously said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Unfortunately,  most of our friends and family don’t have the same goals, drive and growth mindset that we do. This can make levelling up your life challenging. That’s exactly why we keep our Purpose Mastermind group to 8 people or under so real connection, sharing of ideas and positive fusion can truly happen.  You can link with new faith-fuelled friends and develop a world-wide family of people who are dedicated to creating positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others. I can’t wait for you to discover the wonderful people in your Purpose Mastermind Group!  


Joining Purpose Mastermind Coaching Group gives you access to ALL my ‘Success Sessions’ including Success Habits to life a purpose driven life.  Plus lots more recordings to skyrocket your life.

PRIVATE PRAYER SESSIONS  As a baptised, Holy spirit filled believer with over 25 years of Ministry teaching experience and leadership coaching, as well as being a firm member of the prayer team for years, I have personally witnessed the miraculous power of God, healings, transformations and deliverance for countless believers stuck in numerous situations that needed God’s help.  Now I’m excited to share my prayer mindset with you through access to my guided scripture-based prayers.  
Finding out how to succeed in your Divine Purpose and your spiritual life does not have to be elusive or a mystery to you anymore.  The Purpose Mastermind Coaching Group is a comprehensive roadmap and support system for your spiritual and personal growth.  It puts powerful, Bible-based, ‘distilled’ wisdom and knowledge at your fingertips for you to access within a caring, supportive group of like-minded believers. And it’s only $199 per month!  

That’s right!  The Purpose Mastermind is totally affordable at $199 per person!   
I carefully designed the Purpose Mastermind Coaching Group to contain the EXACT transformative, actionable trainings, support, coaching, mentoring and community that will help YOU achieve more growth and progress than you ever thought possible.  Other coaching mastermind programs cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. But my mission is to help believers find & fulfil their Divine Purpose, without price being a barrier.  Personalised, Christian coaching and scripture-based Wisdom that speaks directly to your situation and circumstance, should be accessible to ALL. So even though people say I’m not doing myself any favours for charging only $199 per month, I want the Purpose Mastermind to be something that’s accessible to the majority not the few. 

Christian Coaching,  Mentoring & Teaching 
at Just $199 Per Month!?
Everything is Online. 
Learn At Your Own Pace, 
No Travel Required. 
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