The Purposeful Life Masterclass is a 12 week online coaching program designed to help you discover your Divine Purpose and give you the strategies and spiritual tools you need to fulfil it, create positive change in your life and flourish abundantly in God.

My Purposeful Life Masterclass is a tailored, spiritual and personal development experience, like no other!  After our first deep-dive orientation call, I will tailor and customise the 12 modules & resources below to match your specific individual needs, so this program can immediately support and help you right where you are today!

I, personally help you to successfully progress from where you are to where you are called to be in Christ Jesus. Throughout this program, I’m regularly available to answer your questions and queries so you always receive expert Bible-based guidance, coaching, motivation or mentorship.  This is how you can rapidly move fear-based inaction to faith-inspired action!  This program is designed to engage you, equip you, and empower you - Get ready for POWERFUL, RESULTS & TRANSFORMATION!