Why You’re Here:

You love to grow Spiritually!  You actively seek a deeper relationship with God.
You work or volunteer in the Church or community.  
You’ve sat through countless Church services, purchased a multitude of teaching products, books, courses, workshops, retreats and listened to tons of sermons and advice from preachers, leaders and Christian influencers over many years.


You’ve learned that the scriptures specifically promise blessings, complete health, peace, joy, an endless Divine supply of our needs being met, prosperity and an abundant life.  So, you’ve earnestly sought out how to get all of that and live a victorious Christian life.  But, truth be told, you’ve only managed to experience limited results over the years and seasons of your walk with God.  


That’s because you’ve been trying to figure it all out by yourself using bits and pieces from various people and sources. At best it has produced inconsistent, unpredictable results in your Spiritual experience. 

But, at the same time, you know the abundant life is still POSSIBLE for you. You know that you have a Divine Purpose and destiny waiting to be fully released.
I’m here to help you achieve that!


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The success you envision is possible for you.


I am here to coach you and help you get massive results in your life!  I am here to listen and support you. 

You have hidden within you a big, meaningful, audacious Divine Purpose. 
Often, it’s so huge, it becomes a little scary or overwhelming to process it, so we typically, shrink away from it and shelve it.


But I’m here to help you take your Divine Purpose off the shelf and to coach, mentor and support you in finding and fulfilling your Divine Purpose – every step of the way!


I will help you find and confidently fulfil your untapped potential in God.  My role is to support and empower you to achieve your Divine Destiny.  


You may be at a crossroads, lacking direction, struggling in your current situation, or simply ready to finally make a change in your life.
I’m here to help you successfully advance forward in your Divine Calling.

Are you ready to transform your life beyond recognition?

Let’s work together NOW, so you can create a truly remarkable, fruit bearing life in Christ Jesus.


Meet Your Coach

I'm a Holy Spirit filled, water baptised woman of faith.
I am a Christian Life Coach, Mentor, Masterclass Host, Author, Mother of 2 wonderful children and an unshakable faith-fuelled optimist who is dedicated to helping you become the person God called you to be.

I believe in the power of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit in my coaching and mentoring sessions to have Christ centered outcomes. Christian Life Coaching is a collaboration with the Holy Spirit, you, the client and me the coach.


I am here to serve you and help you uncover your unique qualities, talents and abilities that you have not fully discovered or are not utilising to your full potential yet. 


I provide you with scripture-based expertise, help and support to fulfil your Divine purpose.  I will talk with you, listen to you, then customise the right solutions and the right resources to keep you focussed and motivated through the twists and turns, and the ups and downs of walking by faith.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others,  as faithful stewards of God’s grace”

1 Peter 4:10





My promise to you…

I PROMISE you, that I will show up 100%. I will hide nothing. I will hold nothing back. I will give you the support, the tools, the strategies, the methods and the tips to powerfully experience life-changing transformation that you need to finally fulfil your Divine Purpose and impact the world.

I need you to promise me something too.  I need you to show up 100%. 
Be completely open, honest, vulnerable, teachable, and ready to TAKE ACTION.


The biggest difference between women who find and fulfil their Divine Purpose and those who do not is their faith & commitment level. I need 100% faith & 100% commitment from you.

Let’s impact and change the world together, for Christ.

Sandra Jayne 

Real Talk. 
Real Support.
Real Results.

The sad fact is, that just being a good, Bible believing Christian, is simply not enough to excel, advance and dominate in all areas of your life.  

I meet countless women of faith serving God as faithfully and as sincerely as they know how, yet with so many areas of their life in defeat and in brokenness.  They appear whole in public but in their private lives it is a different story.  Unable to get off the treadmill of appearing like they have-it-all-together, they are invariably, frazzled, unfulfilled and stressed, living without fully experiencing God’s perfect peace, purpose and plans. As time goes by, they get so used to settling for this kind of life, that it becomes normal.  I am here to help my clients recalibrate a NEW NORMAL!

You have a purpose and a message for someone.
Whether you believe it or not, you are capable of doing and achieving much more than what you currently are.


You no longer need to endure the isolation and frustration of struggling to “figure it out” alone or floundering with those offering support, who don’t really know how to help you get the immediate results you long for!

The Divine Purpose that you secretly pray for is absolutely possible for you!

I am here to help you birth it!

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Lucy-Ann M., NY

“Life Coaching with Sandra Jayne has been such a blessing.  Her capacity to show me genuine love touched me so much.  I took the plunge and booked the 12-week Create Your Best Life VIP program. She provided me with undivided attention, listening and never judging my messed-up life.  She was truly there for me coaching and supporting me.  She prayed with me, challenged me, motivated me, emailed me and sent me regular inspiring texts!    She has coached me to be a much better, purpose-focussed Christian and she is like family to me now – I am so grateful for all of her help!” 

Lucy-Ann M., NY

“Thank you so much Sandra Jayne for your kindness, wisdom, prayers and encouragement. Through your Godly, Spirit fuelled coaching, I have become more stable in God’s love and my purpose.  I have grown so much and I give God thanks that I had the opportunity to work with you, I have a new passion for my purpose”. 

Marcia E, OH

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“Sandra Jayne is a kind, perceptive, compassionate Life Coach who is also knowledgeable in the scriptures. In just a few short sessions she was able to help me identify specific strongholds and obstacles that were holding me back from my Divine destiny.  She provided me the Godly counsel and feedback I needed with practical steps to reach my spiritual development goals. I will definitely book more life coaching sessions with her soon!  I highly recommend Sandra Jayne to anyone who needs help on any level of Spiritual or personal growth.”  

Sarah W., UK