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A successful, abundant, God-glorifying “best life” does not happen automatically. It requires intentional, obedience to God and the consistent application of Biblical principles. Work with Sandra Jayne, who will coach and mentor you step-by-step with the tried and tested Biblical principles that help you understand vital life changing truths that uncover God’s 'best life' for you.

Through this program, you will be reenergised and refocused on your spiritual journey. Together, with prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, you will discover the limitless potential you can access when you are in a renewed, dynamic, intimate relationship with God! You will understand and learn how to enter a new level and a new realm of unlimited possibilities in God. In this program you will uncover your true Divine purpose, gifts and identity so you can embrace the fact that God designed you for success, abundance, health and prosperity. When you put the essential, life-transforming principles into action contained within this program, you will discover the scriptural doorway to living confidently and audaciously in Christ, EVERYDAY!

The Create Your Best Life VIP Signature Program for women is a 12 week online coaching program designed to provide you with the right spiritual tools and strategies so you can step into the life God has called you to.

This is a VIP tailored and custom-made spiritual and personal development experience, like no other! After our first deep-dive orientation call, I will personalize and customize the 12 modules & resources outlined below to match your specific individual needs, so this program can immediately support and help you right where you are! This program is created for you to rise up to your rightful place in God, so you can experience kingdom success, prosperity and victory in every area of your life.

I, personally help you to connect the dots between living submerged in the details of your life and living God’s plan for your life. This will enable you to successfully progress from where you are to where you are called to be in Christ Jesus. Throughout this program, I’m regularly available to answer your questions and queries so you always receive expert Bible-based guidance, coaching, motivation or mentorship. This is how you can rapidly move fear-based inaction to faith-inspired action! This program is designed to engage you, equip you, and empower you - Get ready for POWERFUL, RESULTS & TRANSFORMATION!


I will be personally guiding, mentoring and teaching you for the entire program via:


  • 12 Live video streams: 12 x 1-on-1 weekly private Coaching & Mentoring sessions with me personally.  Together, we can dive deep to discover your purpose and transform your current challenges through spiritual principles.

  • Instant access to the Create Your Best Life for Men VIP Signature Program membership site with training materials!

  • 12 in-depth coaching & mentoring video modules by Sandra Jayne to walk you through every step of discovering your Divine Purpose and creating an abundant, flourishing life in Christ Jesus.

  • Weekly Group video stream:  Group Mentoring Sessions with me personally.

  • Video stream:  Orientation intensive - How to get the most out of this program (Approx. 1.5 hrs)

  • Monthly seminars

  • Weekly Q&A sessions.

  • Prayer Power:  Listen to powerful prayers to activate miraculous transformations and uproot any strongholds, fear or blockages so you can be free to align with your Divine life purpose.

  • Speak Life: Scripture based affirmations, declarations and decrees to renew your inner mind(subconscious), your inner man(Spirit) and your inner image(Spiritual identity). An excellent method for rapid growth and transformation

  • Inspiring Texts: Regular inspirational texts to uplift, encourage, motivate and bless you as you journey into your Divine Purpose.

  • Email Support: If you feel like you need extra help or support in-between coaching sessions, just send me an email and I will be right there for you!

  • Daily Support via Private Facebook Group:  A place to share and receive daily inspiration and build lifelong spiritual friendships. Connect and network with other empowered believers from all over the world who are focussed on living a purpose-driven life and who are there to celebrate you on your epic journey!  

  • Program Resources: We also provide extra value to you through downloadable worksheets, bonus audios and journal activities, which are all tailored and customised specifically for you, to help you deeply integrate the learnings from the 12 modules AND take God-inspired action.

THE 12 MODULES FOR The Create Your Best Life for Men VIP Signature Program

All the following modules will be completely personalised and customized to address your specific needs and goals.
If required, some modules can be deleted and replaced with tailored modules - this is all part of your VIP experience.

  • Module 1
    IDENTIFYING YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE You are here for a reason - uncover your unique purpose.
  • Module 2
    CLARIFYING YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS Discover your blend of spiritual gifts.
  • Module 3
    RELEASE TRAUMA, PAIN & SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES Break emotional blocks and the bondage of the past.
  • Module 4
    OVERCOME LIMITATIONS, NEGATIVE MINDSETS & FEAR Change your ‘mindset' on what is possible for your life.
  • Module 5
    IDENTIFY DEPENDENCY & PEOPLE PLEASING TRAPS Release energy draining relationships that cause your Divine Purpose to be derailed.
  • Module 6
    FROM COMFORT ZONE TO FLOW ZONE Stop settling for less and start levelling up to your Divine potential in God.
  • Module 7
    UPGRADE YOUR INTERNAL BELIEFS & SELF TALK A mind makeover to free you from paralyzing doubt & fear to take God-inspired action.
  • Module 8
    ACTIVATE SPIRIT-BASED COURAGE, CONFIDENCE & BOLDNESS Gain unshakable confidence to be visible, share your purpose & message to the world.
  • Module 9
    WORD POWER Speak life using the scriptures – once you master this, everything in your life flourishes.
  • Module 10
    FAITH POWER Live limitless by being open to endless possibilities through faith.
  • Module 11
    TRANSFORMATION & SELF-MASTERY Develop your Purposeful life action plan to make the difference you were born to do.
  • Module 12
    STEPPING INTO YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE The impossible, becomes possible –living your purpose & being a Kingdom influencer!


“ENLIGHTENING EXPERIENCE!  Am in-depth approach to help me propel my life to a new level.”
Tony C, Florida, USA

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