Every believer has unique qualities, talents and abilities that they usually have not fully discovered or are not using to their full potential yet. Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made, I believe my clients are Divinely blessed, gifted, talented, creative, resourceful and whole in Christ Jesus with the capability of finding and fulfilling God's purpose and will for their life As your Christian Life Coach, I'm here to help and support you to overcome some of the blockages and challenges you are currently facing in your life. 

Living authentically and being true to the call God has on your life is extremely liberating. I'm committed to coaching believers who want to break through fear, doubt, insecurities and other limiting beliefs and 'take the lid off 'their potential and purpose, to identify new realms of possibilities in God. Small steps can result in significant changes because I support clients in finding the courage to take those essential first steps and provide the right support to keep you focussed and motivated through the ups and downs of walking by faith. 

I am passionate about helping both established and aspiring Christian leaders become Kingdom agents-of-change and 'high-impact' leaders. I also love coaching and helping New Believers and Women to find the will of God for their life and to advance the Kingdom of God. 
2 Tim 1: 6-7 
I believe in the power of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit in my coaching sessions to have Christ centered outcomes. Christian Life Coaching is a collaboration with the Holy Spirit, you, the client and me the coach. This creates an authentic partnership for deeper engagement by integrating the power, wisdom and supernatural assistance of God for greater impact and success. Every believer in the body of Christ is called to press and stretch towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus Phil 3:14. We are all called to press in the direction of our high calling to fulfil the mandate of God and to bring Glory to the Father. 



Mark K, FL

“Thank you so much Sandra Jayne for your kindness, wisdom, prayers and encouragement. Through your Godly, Spirit fuelled coaching, I have become more rooted and grounded in God’s love for me.  I have an expanded understanding of who I am in Christ and my God given purpose.  Thanks to the Lord working through you, I have a new mission, purpose and passion for advancing the Kingdom of God.  I am pressing on to grow the Kingdom through the Grace and power of God!”

We all try but sometimes we mess up, we all try to rise up but we often fall down. Yet, despite the amount of times we fail or fall, we are called to rise up again and again - For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again,. Proverbs 24:16 

Let me assist you today to rise up successfully in Christ Jesus — Join me in an enriching, Christian, Coaching encounter!